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What is the
Primal Experience?

Bring the butcher experience into your home.

You get a whole primal to cut and prepare as you wish – and expert guidance from Jarryd The Butcher himself via his online video tutorials

Subscribe and we’ll ship you a new primal every two weeks to cut and prepare, or simply purchase your stand alone primal!

What's a "Primal?"

It’s meat in its most “Raw” form you can get – unless you’re a butcher!

A primal cut or cut of meat is a piece of meat initially separated from the carcass of an animal during butchering. 

These are LARGE primary cuts of beef – before cutting, boning or trimming.

As we say.. this is the primal experience!


Eat Better Meat
- and learn a new skill!

We’ve connected with quality farms on the Farmer to Fridge platform to bring you the best primal cuts of beef at a fair price.

It’s great value, but you’ll also learn a new skill by following along with our helpful video guides!

Learn how to cut and prepare your meat at home – you’ll gain a new skill and a greater appreciation for the craft of butchering. 

Beat The Butcher
and win!

Are you a blade master? 

A budding butcher?

…..or just A keyboard warrior?

Well put your money where your mouth is – upload a video of you preparing your primal and you could win every 2 weeks!

Each fortnight one lucky person will win an exclusive prize thanks to Farmer to Fridge!

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Let's Do this!
Get your Primal

Grab your first primal on the farmer to Fridge Platform and start your very own Priml experience at home!

Our Suppliers

The Primal Experience beef is supplied by farmer partners around Australia. Local farmers and butchers are used to ensure you’re getting the freshest, local beef.